Kitties and Grandmas

Context: This was written in about 10-20 minutes in my AP. Lang and Comp class. Everyone wrote 3 random nouns on 3 pieces of paper, and each person drew 2 out of a hat and had to write a paragraph about how your 2 nouns are similar. Then, 3 people ended up reading their paper to the class. I got “Kitty” and “Grandma”.

The grandma sat on her chair, taking a nap, while her kitty stood next to her doing the exact same. Because of their age, grandmas can often be calm and restful, much like their animal counterparts. However, I also know of grandmas who do nothing but visit different places, take care of their gardens, and generally just run around everywhere. Have you never heard of a single kitty doing something similar?

The kitty walks on more than 2 legs, and if your grandma makes use of a walker, she might be  just as well. Ever heard of a kitty that forces you to eat broccoli, brussels sprouts, or foods or vegetables you don’t like? No, of course not. Ever heard of a kitty that can manage to read a book without its reading glasses? No, me neither.

They say that a cat always lands on its paws, no matter the height, but how are you sure your grandma can’t? She’s lived a pretty long life, and I’m telling you, you can’t be making assumptions about what she can and can’t do.

The kitty will come and rub its fur against your leg when it’s feeling affectionate, your grandma might come and give you a hug, or even a big kiss on the cheek when she feels the same way.

Spending too much time on your computer? The kitty might come and lay on the keyboard to get you to stop, while your grandma tells you to go play outside to get you to stop.

It’s almost like they could be working together without us actually knowing about it.



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