The Cockroach Dilemma

It’s right there, staring you in the face. You would never think it would have to come to this moment. Yet, here you are. And you have to get rid of it.

You don’t want to be anywhere near it, but you don’t want it in your immediate space.

So you force yourself to dispose of it, setting aside your disgust for just a second in order to kill it or to dispatch it to a location other than your house.

What you don’t want to think about is how many are living peacefully near you, out of your sight.

We have many problems and demons that control our everyday lives. Yet, there are many we don’t take care of. Like the hidden cockroaches, we tolerate them, because we don’t truly want to see them, and only take care of them once they become a real threat.

The problem with that is; the nest is what needs to be addressed, not only the few that wander outside of it, as it can also provide the protagonist with a false sense of security; of a “job well done”.


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