It’s Easy to be Negative

It’s so easy.

  • If someone lies, it’s extremely easy to give them that label.
  • If you look close enough, it’s extremely easy to find something wrong with the world worth complaining about (especially if you can’t do anything about it).
  • If your job frustrates you, it’s extremely easy to complain about it whenever you get home.
  • If your life -as of right now- frustrates you, oh how easy it is to take it out on your friends, siblings, spouse, parents, your kids, or even random strangers, whether it’d be a waiter in a restaurant or a clerk working at the bank.

It’s hard to do the opposite. It’s hard, and it takes a lot of humility. But one one hand, negativity brings nothing but negative outcomes (oh, how ironic):

  • No one will want to be around you. Negativity isn’t fun to be around.
  • No one will listen to you. If they do, they’re either also negative and only really care about their negative view of the world, or they’re your therapist.
  • The complaining won’t fulfill you. In fact, it will make you feel even emptier, needing more and more negativity to justify and fill the growing hole inside of your chest.
  • People will despise you. If your frustration brings you to the point of having to always complain about the little “wrong” things people do and never focus on anything good, trust me, they will.

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