“Weird” is a word often used in everyday conversations, however, I have come to find that when the definition of the word changes is a sign of whatever interaction I’m having becoming truly precious.

The everyday definition of the world means not ordinary, often in a slightly or obvious negative sense. There is a sense of rejection with it, as since whatever we’re talking about is weird, we don’t necessarily want anything to do with it, or we don’t wholly agree with it.

  • Yeah, that person is weird.
  • You like pineapple on pizza? That’s weird.

The definition that tells me a discussion is truly valuable is when the word shifts to meaning something out of the ordinary, but not in a negative sense, only as an indicator that whatever we’re talking about is indeed not common, but that it makes it interesting, unique in a way.

  • That picture is weird!
  • I like John. He’s weird, and not afraid to show it.

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