17, Self-help and Relationships

I feel like I’m seeing a similarity between people my age (17) who share the same common values based around self-help.

What I’m talking about is people who strives to look for ways to improve themselves, their social relations, understanding of the world and harvest their own curiosity; where being mindlessly average is not anywhere near being a possible option.

We may not go towards that goal is the most gracious of manners, nor do we necessarily always do it amazingly, but we try. And when it comes to intimate relationships, I’ve found a similarity for people who share this trait around 17:

We don’t want to settle.

Now, I’m not saying that’s what everyone doing self-help at 17 wants this. Absolutely not. I don’t nearly have enough data to back that up. But that’s what I’ve observed from my direct environment, and I have a theory to why that may be.

The world is big. There’s a lot of knowledge out there. Feeling free of whatever your future might consist of is one of the best feeling that comes with being young, which is why many foster it if they’ve been able to discover it. Tying yourself to someone intimately might seem daunting to someone excited about the possibilities of their future.

We want to see, experience, and do a variety of things, not have to rely on one person and one person only when it comes to experimentation.


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