It Doesn’t Have To Be New: Zombies Still Sell

There’s a misconception in modern pop culture that in order for something to be successful, it has to be new and original. An app has to be something that’s completely new and never thought of before in order to be downloaded by millions. Except that that’s wrong. It just has to work.

Uber wasn’t the first “Uber”. TaxiMagic came before, but there is a very real difference between the two: first, that one is incredibly successful, and second, that the other required installing hardware in every cab that wanted to participate with the app, while Uber only requires installing it on your phone. One system is easy to setup and use by both consumers and participants, while the other was not as intuitive to use and hard to setup. Uber worked, although TaxiMagic came first.

And there’s the heart of the matter: Zombies still sell, although the idea of a ravaged earth roamed by half dead creatures has been used and reused for a decade now (or even more).

The idea isn’t new anymore, it’s stopped being new the second someone wrote a zombie book or made a zombie movie, yet we still watch, read, and play post-apocalyptic content. Just look at The Walking Dead, the Fallout series, the number of books on the subject in libraries, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, etc…

This blog isn’t anything new on the internet, there are thousands, even millions of them for you to read right now. Yet you read through this article anyways (and I thank you for it if you’ve made it this far).

Because you don’t need a new idea. You just need to make something that works with what already exists.


Image Credits: “Zombies, Run!” Pretty cool running app, I’d recommend checking it out.


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