I’ll Always Try To Understand

The generational gap there is between my grandma and my cousins and I became really apparent when she began to rant on how, in her time, people used to talk, a practice that is now completely, utterly abandoned, according to her.

Now, I was reading information on lucid dreaming, mind you, so the whole event was quite ironic.

I love my grandma, but that particular vent showed how much misunderstanding of the new media there is between generations, especially nowadays.


How I will have to act with my future kids is something I’ve been thinking of a ton since recently, and often helps me make decisions. One thing has been sure for a while, and even more certain now: I will always -at least try to- understand what I will not have grown with, whether it’s an evolved or new form of media, technology, or any invention our crazy world will be able to come up with.

During her rant, my grandma talked about how we don’t really communicate at all nowadays. Thinking this is understandable, but still absurd to me. We have the internet, one of the best and the most efficient form of communication since the invention of the printing press. I am able to share my ideas at lightning speed with people all around the world, to then communicate back with those people, and reply to what they have to say. If that isn’t communication, I don’t know what is.

What my grandma was referring to, however, was the fact my cousin, my sister and I weren’t vocally communicating at that very moment, and thus she drew the conclusion that we never talked to each other because of our screens. Of course, that conclusion only really showed a personal dogma -that she held on modern technology and its effect on communication- instead of an acute observation. I had been talking with my cousin and siblings for the past 5 days and have been doing a lot of activities together. However, that particular morning was a bit slow, so I decided to do some reading on lucid dreaming, something I’m pretty passionate about.

I used a computer because of the convenience of which I could access information; if I had had a book on the subject, I would have read that instead.

Furthermore, we didn’t have anything to tell each other for that particular half hour. That says nothing of what we would have done for the rest of the day. Furthermore, a lack of electronics in that situation would simply have resulted in us not communicating for half an hour, which is perfectly fine. No one communicates for 18 waking hours a day, 7 days a week.

And there comes the heart of the matter: it’s hard to understand what we didn’t grow up with. The rant my grandma entered simply showed us that she didn’t understand all that technology because she didn’t grow up with it, which is understandable and human. Where the disconnect really happened, though, is when she acted as if she understood it, and that it brings nothing to us but negative things. Which is why I am making a mental, now written promise to my future kids:

I will always try to understand that which I did not grow up with. I will be a teacher to them in many aspects of life, but, concerning everything that will be “new, they will likely always be teaching me. I will remain a student all my life, and will never, for as much as possible, think low of anything because of ignorance. The moment I discard what will be popular in 20-40 years as simply being “stupid” and not as good as “when I was younger” I will have taken a huge step back in bettering myself and the control of my thoughts (the ego thinking “it was better in my time”) and emotions (jealousy, anger as a side effect of ignorance).


Image Credits: Andreasrocha on Deviantart


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